Saturday, 27 August 2016

Writing - 10 things we didn't know

Handsome Japanese, lottery ticket buying millionaires and politically correct court language.

Image result for mules in the grand canyon

1. In the Grand Canyon, the US postal service delivers mail by mule.

It would be cruel to suggest that donkeys carry mail everywhere esle.

Image result for space travel

2. It would take 112,000 years to fly to the nearest Earth-like world travelling at 25,000mph.

I'll not book that trip then.


Image result for woody allen

3. Woody Allen spends $100 a week on lottery tickets.

Shouldn't be allowed - greedy git!


Image result for pc lawyers in the US

4. Lawyers in the US are forbidden from using terms like "honey" and "darling" in court.

Ok sweety!!!


Image result for jason statham kicking

5. Action movie star Jason Statham has kicked more people in his films than he has punched.

Keeping his hands clean.


Image result for elephants hate chilli

6. Elephants can't stand chilli powder.

A matter of personal taste.


Image result for first lady cookie bake off

7. The winner of the First Lady cookie bake off has predicted the Presidential winner each year since 1992 - except in 2008.



Image result for moist

8. There's a strong chance the most hated word in the English language is "moist".

No its - Newcastle.


Image result for dolls to put girls off pregnancy

9. Dolls designed to put girls off pregnancy may encourage them instead.

Nothing as perverse as a woman.

Image result for handsome japanese men

10. Japanese companies pay handsome men to make staff cry.

Why? I'll do it for half the wages!!!


God Bless