Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Writing - Invasive species

This would be yet another source of inspiration this time springing from a scientific study on invasive species. The term 'invasive species' should have the writing gene quivering with expectation.

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Most countries in the world have little capacity to deal effectively with invasive species, a study suggests.
The spread of non-native species threatens livelihoods and biodiversity, but the issue is worsened by global trade, travel and climate change.
Writing in Nature Communications journal, and international team forecast how the spread of species could change over the 21st Century.
They show that one-sixth of the world's land surface is vulnerable to invasion.
In what the authors say is the first evaluation of its kind, the paper assesses individual nations' abilities to manage existing invasive species and respond to new ones.
Regan Early from the University of Exeter, Jeffrey Dukes from Purdue University in the US and other co-authors suggest that developed countries, which have been most affected by invasive species - and have the strongest management efforts - will continue to face an onslaught of new arrivals.
However, they predict that non-native plants, animals and microbes will increasingly threaten developing countries with some of the last remaining biodiversity hotspots, due to increased air travel and the expansion of agriculture.

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Cat Island - Japan

The article above looks at accidental migratory invasions but in fact man has also done enough damage over the last couple of hundred years. The photograph of an island in the Japanese archipelago that is over run with cats and of course man introduced rabbits to Australia with dire consequences.

So writers pick your animals, or plants, and create the dystopian world lurking in your subconscious.

December 2015

 My hero was created post recession and so has no concept of how 'good' things were pre-2008. In 'I Have To Get It Right' when he began to flex his muscles he was working in an accountant's office. Then after the Gurentai took him under their wing and removed all of his financial worries, it was justice that was his major concern. He did become involved in international relations in 'The 51st State' but it was for the maintenance of a respectful distance between countries, rather than economic reasons. His trips into the USA had repercussions which can be read about in 'The Biter Bit' but then by the time things began to change in 2011 and the recession was really biting, Steele was trying to make sense of the state of the nation in 'A Changed Reality' and coming up against some really nasty people taking advantage of the shortage of money. By the time the USA are out of their recession Steele's steps are still being dogged by an unknown enemy from the same country. In 'Inceptus' we also find out more about what makes the man tick. The most recent Steele book 'Castled' where Steele is once again at risk from unseen enemies. It would seem that he has become quite recession proof!
The most recent addition to the Steele family is Earth plc in which our hero is concerned with political and emotional issues in this crime fighting adventure.

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This is a dystopian story that hinges directly on the state of the nation as a result of fiscal mismanagement. Having said that it is more a story of human relations, privations, love and loss.

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