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Writing - Killing Hitler's hangman

As I have written in previous posts, inspiration arrives in all sorts of forms and at surprising times. This post is looking at an event during World War II and I believe would make an interesting if gory novel.

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Reinhard Heydrich

Reinhard Heydrich is accepted as an iconic villain in the twentieth century, even by Nazi standards he was brutal. To support the idea of a fictitious retelling of Heydrich's story there were attempts as early as 1943, taken from a novel written the year before, to immortalise the tale on celluloid. The film was called Hangmen Also Die.
There is continuing interest in what was code named Operation Anthropoid in part because it was the only successful attempt to assassinate a member of Hitler's hierarchy. Another reason was the fact that there is a fog blanketing many of the details as to who instigated the operation. This reticence to claim responsibility is due to the fact that the powers were afraid of reprisals against civilian populations.
Heydrich was the acting Reich Protector of Bohemia and Moravia (parts of the former Czechoslovakia) and was involved in the instigation of the mass slaughter of many European Jews. This was Goering's Total Solution to the Jewish question.

The value in resurrecting this story in today's post is to show the possibilities that some real events may offer to writers.

1. This story could begin with news of the forthcoming slaughter of innocent people.
2. A team from the SOE and the Czech government in exile create a plan.
3. Assassins recruited and trained.
4. Assassins deployed.
5. Plot carried out.
6. Assassins pursued.
7. Nazis react.
8. Governments deny culpability.

Okay, as a plan it is a little thin, but it took me five minutes to create. By putting time and effort into research and planning there is a book there.

December 2015

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