Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Writing - The network

I am not one to produce lists of how to to do this or that, or to give others advice. I try to help fellow writers by sharing my experiences.
The network of writers that I have connections with is huge even though few of them are regular contacts. What I have found from the fellowship of writers is that they are invariably kind and helpful, when they can be.
I have some special contacts and benefited from their experience, they are Stephen Woodfin and Caleb Pirtle III. They run a site called Venture Galleries.

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This very active blog is a showcase for writers including the two principals. The group is quite huge and books are showcased daily. It is a group well worth considering. If you wish to have a look and see what a fantastic job these two guys do click on the following link.

It is easy to sign up and I'm sure all are welcome. Another aspect of their work is to provide access to such competitions as the one in which I was fortunate to be a finalist. More details are available at the link below. A thoroughly worthwhile team to contact or just read their blog

In contrast my good friends at Venture Galleries have been featuring my award with the East Texan Writer Guild and the Steele novel Flight into Secrecy which is quite topical as yet another theory about the missing MH370 has appeared in the news. The link to the feature is below.

The award chapter is included in the above blog as a sample of the whole book. 

Click here to go to Amazon where the book is available in all formats.

God Bless