Sunday, 7 August 2016

Writing - Stretching the truth

Establishing a plan based upon a falsehood/misrepresentation of the truth. You actually come across politicians and dictators who do this and have done it throughout history.

There are two ways that this is a useful addition to the inspirational armoury of writers. In fact you can stimulate the ideas by asking a question - What if?

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So if John F Kennedy had reacted differently over the Cuban Missile crisis?

What if the USA hadn't been persuaded to join in the second world war?

What if Iraq had WMDs?

Each one could lead to a different story. Here is an example of a real occurrence.

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Yellow River - China

Geology tells us that there was  a great flood in China around about 1900 BC. It occurred as a result of a landslide that blocked the valley through which the Yellow River flowed. But then comes the manipulation. The legend of Emperor Yu states that he tamed the flooded Yellow River by dredging and redirecting its channels, thereby laying the foundations for the Xia dynasty and Chinese civilisation. A lovely piece of opportunism with massive benefits for the creator.

The point is that once you have the germ of an idea you can play with it, twist it round or tell it as it was. Whatever the choice you have a wealth of material with which to work. I have used recent history for my last two novels. Flight into Secrecy is based upon the events of the lost aeroplane MH370 and my current work is based upon the events surrounding the collapse of Building 7 on 9/11. The beauty of writing such stories is that you have carte blanche to take the readers imagination to wherever you think is possible.

God Bless