Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Poetry Thursday 230 - What Lies Beneath

We all go about the world with things going on inside that we prefer very few to know about.

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Look up

Perhaps in time people will notice
the depth of feeling in the words.
What is hidden is in all of us
but camouflaged as would a bird?

They go about their daily tasks
avoiding eye contact and sudden moves,
to maintain their own solitary asks
of the world in perpetuating loves.

We are like some creatures
as we go about our daily bread,
disguising details of our features,
taking them with us when we’re dead.

Yet all that’s needed is a sympathetic eye
that sees through broken outlines,
a friendly smile or a high five,
would provide soul nourishing good signs.
© David L Atkinson September 2016

Sometimes words don't do the trick but a signal may.

Then of course there is that part of everyone's day that nobody can control.

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In the dark, the eyes dormant
no light or colour to be seen,
the mind takes flight rampant
creating pictures where reality had been. 
Swimming the streets in shallow, blue water
before having the ability to swim,
feeling the freedom as a fish ought ta
face lightened with reposeful grin.
Then darker shadow flashes by
as the beast’s outline is discerned,
urge for safety initiates need to fly,
then the nocturnal race is joined.
Out of the door and down the street,
legs flying in a blur
glances back hearing great, clawed feet
and glimpses a flash of tanned fur.
Breath is burning in the lung
muscles aching – have to drive on,
turn again goaded by lolling tongue.
Will the flight bring gentle dawn?
Then a visit from long dead relatives
both needing intensive care,
trying to live a quiet life – restive
with demanding voices in the air.
Finally, exterior light is burgeoning,
the night’s cinema is fading fast,
from restful sleep the body is stirring,
welcoming another new day at last.

© David L Atkinson September 2016

The above poem hints at recurring dreams I remember over my life. They may seem strange but aren't most people's? It is fascinating the way the brain cobbles together life experiences, fears and emotions then quite artistically creates a different view.

God Bless