Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Poetry Thursday 231 - Lost opportunities

This week is a busy one what with blogging, preparing for a book launch and big news.

First of all there were the big elephants being killed in large numbers for their tusks.

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For what type of Earth do we wish?
An orb of green pleasantness
or a barren, dusty, empty dish
lacking vibrancy, life and sweetness.
The gentle creatures we inherit
take little and give back body.
Yet we reasoning, greedy beings denude it
then murder species for wealth and shoddy.
The elephants’ only sins are tusks
made from ivory, a sort after source,
to produce intricate lifeless husks
redolent of past scenes and lost remorse.
Countless species lost to posterity
our fault over eons of years,
believing we know the true history
yet failing to learn the lessons of tears.
© David L Atkinson September 2016

Then there is the demise of Big Sam as England manager.

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Big Sam

Sam, Sam take up thy bed and walk,
you were daft enough to be trapped
so off you go, no need to talk,
disappear wi’ tha’ knuckles wrapped.

Sam, Sam did tha’ not ‘ave enough?
What was your agent thinking
meeting the press? – That wor rough.
He should be the one that's going.

On the other hand tha’ wor daft,
wanting more like a greedy Oliver.
You had it, due to your professional craft
but tossed it away sir.

Sam, Sam you know tha’ first mistake
was letting go what wor in your 'and,
if you could the decision retake,
you’d have stayed at Sunderland.
© David L Atkinson September 2016

God Bless