Saturday, 10 September 2016

Writing - 10 things in the news

Quite an informative collection of news this week. Having said that there are some items I find disturbing.

Image result for giraffesImage result for giraffes

1. Giraffes are four species, not one.

Or there are four species of giraffes!


Image result for shopping trolley

2. To be served quickest at the supermarket checkout, you should follow the shopper with the full trolley, not the line of people with a few things in their baskets.

Someone would have to explain the logic of that one.


Image result for centenarian drivers

3. More than 200 UK drivers are at least 100 years old.

Please let me know when they're on the road.


Image result for mo farah

4. Just before competing in one of the finals at the 2016 Olympics, Mo Farah unsuccessfully tried to update his fantasy football team.

Really! Am I bothered?


Image result for sarcasm against Kim Jong Un

5. Being sarcastic about the regime of Kim Jong-un is illegal in North Korea.



Image result for full fat yogurt

6. Women who eat full-fat yogurt regularly are less likely to be depressed.

Because they are happy with their self-image and have chosen full-fat as opposed to diet yoghurt.


Image result for wad of £50s

7. Sports Direct founder Mike Ashley carries a wad of £50 notes around with him.

That is because he is self-important and a show -off.


Image result for violent rapped singles

8. Listeners find violent lyrics more threatening if they are rapped rather than sung to a country and western tune.

C'mon folks they are words - like these.


Image result for worlds loneliest snail

9. The world's loneliest snail lives in Hawaii.

Well at least the weather will be decent.


Image result for Italian public masturbation

10. Public masturbation is legal in Italy so long as there are no children present.

Time that law was sorted. - Just my opinion.


God Bless