Saturday, 24 September 2016

Writing - 10 things we didn't know last week

A mixed bag from the type of news that elicits an 'aahhh!' to one that generates an 'uugghhh!'

Image result for cow's urine

1. A litre of cow urine is more valuable to an Indian farmer than a litre of milk.

Brings new meaning to a golden shower.


Image result for Harry Potter's house

2.Harry Potter's house is valued at £475,000 ($615,000).

I wonder how much for the cupboard under the stairs?


Image result for websites in N Korea

3. There are only 28 websites on the internet in North Korea.

I sometimes wish it was like that here.

Image result for Brownlee brothers

4. Under triathlon rules, competitors are allowed to help each other.

Inevitable when you think of distances travelled.

Image result for fish dawn chorus

5.Fish have a dawn chorus.

And no audience.


Image result for badly translated street signs in S Korea

6. You can win gift vouchers for spotting badly translated street signs in South Korea.

Looking to improve.

Image result for babies with big heads

7. Babies with big heads are more likely to get a degree.

Its usually the parents with big heads.


Image result for US redneck gun owners

8. Just 3% of Americans own almost half of the USA's guns.

There must be a helluva lot of guns in the states then.


Image result for horizontal lightning bolts

9. Lightning bolts can cover a horizontal distance of 200 miles (322km).

Just didn't see that coming.


Image result for pigeons

10. Pigeons can distinguish real words from nonsense

How on earth can anyone test that and why would they???????


God Bless