Sunday, 25 September 2016

Writing - Is this the end?

So WTC Building 7 is the 10th Steele novel, the 11th book in total and I have also 2 collections of poetry in print.

The only one missing from above is the most recent. Quite an achievement in seven years and definitely improving in quality and that isn't me saying that.
The novels have a total of around 550k words, I have no idea for the poetry, possibly 20k more; and, Building 7 another 60k. Consider then that I also blog daily then I must have produced around 1 million words.
Until this last book which has taken 10 months, the others have usually taken me half a year each to produce, the poetry I write in between.
It costs me around £200/year to publish and distribute paperbacks and I don't cover my costs. (Must speak to the tax man!)

They say that you should write from what you know or have experienced where possible. I believe that is right and so the photographs I take on holiday serve as an aide memoire that may or may not be included at sometime in the future. The photograph above is from the Kielder Forest which I visited a couple of years ago and is one of the most deserted places in these islands. The picture was taken late morning in full daylight and the darkness between the trees is an indication of how dense the forest is in places.
In one of the Steele novels a body is found in these trees. Now anyone reading this could look at the photo and write something into a story using the scene but the difference is in the sensing of the atmosphere when you are really there. This latter factor is your own senses and emotions interacting with the environment which then helps you generate an interesting passage. Without the direct experience you can't do much better than a mechanical description.
One thing that helps me to write is having the question 'How would I have felt?' in mind. It helps with realism.

So to the question at the top of this post. It really is a rhetorical question because there is only me that can answer it. I am pondering whether I will write another book. Presently, there is no burning question likely to generate another novel, so the likely answer is no. 
Do I feel saddened - not really. I have poetry that needs collecting and a better version of my first novel to produce.

Watch this space.

God Bless