Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Writing - Titular thought processes

I don't know abut you but when I complete a project I end up riddled with self-doubt. Many of the ideas that arrive in my strange mind do so in the lonely dark hours of the night and so it was at 03:20 this morning.

Firstly, and most important was the title. Building 7 is what the story is about but it is simple and doesn't address the fictional character, Patrick Steele, or the speculative nature of the work. I have decided that there needs to be a change there.

Of course if there is to be a change in title then the nature of the cover could also be different. The story embraces the influence of rich corporations on governments actions as well as what could be the unlawful deaths of three thousand innocent New Yorkers. The naming of the 3rd building doesn't seem to cover it today. So what are the alternatives?

A Fine Corporate Mess

Sponsored War Mongering

Tumbling Assets

Exploding Assets

Demolishing returns

I am quite liking the above title and cover.
The title Demolishing Returns matches the actual disaster of 9/11 with what came back to the world as a result. The Second Gulf War was the main outcome but of course Larry Silverstein, the buildings owner, benefited to the tune of $4.55 million. Using film terminology the deaths were undoubtedly considered as collateral damage. The USA arms companies and Saudi Arabian Oil were probably satisfied with the outcomes.

God Bless