Thursday, 22 September 2016

Writing - WTC Building 7 cover

I have the first draft of Building 7 completed and now I must endure the grinding work of editing but first a cover is required.
As a self-published author I have also created all of the covers for my 10 books with varying degrees of satisfaction.

The above was the first and not too bad but things didn't always work out so well and the photograph bore little relationship to the story apart from part of the location of where the story was set.
I've tried to take on advice about the covers chosen but sometimes there has been inspiration even in the artwork.

The sixth Steele novel, Earth plc, generated feelings of the misuse of the planet and I came up with the above cover by amalgamating 3 photographs. I felt that it conveyed a message - that large corporations are screwing the Earth and yet there are natural solutions to our demands for power.

WTC Building 7

Now I have another book cover to create and have come up with the following ideas:-

This first one is simple and straightforward but there may be problems with blurring.

The above is my personal favourite as the three columns of light representing each of the stricken edifices is quite ethereal.

I like the third as well as the building in question seems to being enveloped by the dust and smoke from the Twin Towers.

At some point I will need to make a decision but if anyone out there actually reads my blogs and has any thoughts they would be gratefully appreciated.

God Bless