Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Poetry Thursday 233 - Typically topical

The UK news has been overblown with the USA election. I can't believe the US would spend equivalent amounts of time on our political shenanigans. This time there is a threat to the world depending upon the outcome.

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Oh no he didn’t

What of the world under Drumpf?
A bouffant, rich, reactionary,
who may press the button in an harrumph,
and consign the Earth to purgatory.

What of the role of democracy
in a country that presses it on others,
that puts all faith in the pecuniary,
to the exclusion of poorer brothers?

If Drumpf fails in presidential quest
and distaff Clinton wins the day,
it may only be temporary rest,
for who in the future will want to play?

There it is a matter of financial ability,
rather than proven political worth.
Here thank goodness for continuing royalty
a family buffer of noble worth.

© David L Atkinson October 2016

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Brexit opens doors,
Peoples' choice unexpected
Government dances

This haiku was written for a competition on the Completely Novel website which closes at the end of the month.

God Bless