Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Poetry Thursday 234 - Autumn introspections

A bit of a mixed bag this week. Taking all three offerings as a unit then a fairly reasonable reflection of the introspective nature of the season with the occasional flash of Christmas.

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Northern Autumn

And what of this misty season?
The shortening, damp days,
the flash of pre-fall colour,
and the shutting down of life’s ways.

A cooling of the night,
and equally accruing mornings,
all signals of a colder time,
the heralding of winter’s testings.

Bright jewels stabbing through the greyness,
early hints of the coming religious season,
signifying new birth,
dazzling punctuation to temperatures freezing.

Nothing lasts and change will come again,
in life’s time a mere blip.
Cold follows, damp and grey, warm and hot,
and once again the year’s done its flip.

© David L Atkinson October 2016

Then there is the nature of our choices. School's these days give children the opportunity to decide for themselves the type of path they will follow in the future. In my day we had little choice.

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Art or Science

In which to fit?
Is it scientist, geographer, artist, writer.
School didn’t really get it right.
Science – which was most likely.
Arts discarded early.
Now the reversing of the trend
now nearing life’s latter end.
To write,
to draw,
to paint,
I’m not pretending to be something I ain’t.
It isn’t a case of how good.
Each new piece is an experiment,
a step back in time.
Making marks on paper is the variable,
continued effort the constant.
Not Science but Art.
© David L Atkinson October 2016

Finally, the last moments before launching something into the public eye.

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How good is it?

There was a poem or a sketch,
written and drawn afresh
for an audience of only one.
Shared rather readily,
not at all foolishly,
but unsure as to the quality of what’s done.
© David L Atkinson October 2016

God Bless