Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Poetry Thursday 235 - Things that go bump

The time is fast approaching when ghosts and goblins are abroad and it stimulated me to write some seasonally appropriate poetry.

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I walked this Earth in times gone by
and have come again perhaps to try
to right some situations awry,
probably of my causing.

In silent passage I patrol the night
inadvertently causing fright
to those who don’t expect the sight
of a ghostly passing.

The shock encounter of travelling shade
can cause strongest resolve to fade
but demands attention to be paid
in case retribution pending.

With others of my kind I have no meet,
they to will patrol through house and street,
their work to execute until replete,
then resume their deathing.

For my part when earthly purpose done,
and I have no need to be on active run,
then I will gently fade and soon be gone,
back to a state of resting.

But once again in one year’s time,
I will stir above, in quest sublime,
rising to disturb the living kind
from their complacent travelling.
© David L Atkinson October 2016

In the next poem there is a serious message with Bonfire night looming.

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Do not stand too close to me,
between us, keep some space free.
I will burn you in a moment,
a thousand points of torment.
I am a source of great pain,
I can totally destroy, or slightly maim.
After I have damaged you,
time will pass, and my life’s through,
but you will remember carelessness
and relive the dragging hours of distress,
in the visible reminder daily reflected,
and the memory of agony oft detected.
Do not stand too close to me.
© David L Atkinson October 2016

Finally, the over-hyped silly season that is purely based in commercialism.

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Tricks or Treats

Things that go bump in the night,
significant at this time of year.
Slightest noise stimulates fright
setting us trembling with fear.

As the sun sets, apprehension rises,
shadowy forms loom in corners.
What creatures lurk with surprises?
Waiting for the chance to stalk us.

The dead that walk the Earth,
are increasing their activity,
patrolling with spiteful mirth,
perhaps in your vicinity.

No rattling chains or sheeted forms,
howling, moaning through Halloween,
but lots of children with plastic horns,
capes, hats and teeth will be seen.

Ensure a supply of all things sticky,
when they knock for something sweet.
The little blighters can be somewhat brainy,
when creating tricks not treats.
© David L Atkinson October 2016

God Bless