Saturday, 22 October 2016

Writing - 10 news snippets

A fine collection of b*******s this week. The items range from age related nuisance problems to rainbows in the dark - enjoy.

Image result for Ikea restaurants

1. Shanghai's Ikea frowns upon elderly daters clogging up its cafeteria.

My advice - leave them alone they will spend more in the store.


Image result for elderly marathon runner

2. It's possible to run a marathon in three hours 56 minutes at the age of 85.

I better get into training.


Image result for nobel prize 2016

3. You can't return or rescind a Nobel prize.

I find it slightly strange for people to refuse to accept awards, prizes whatever on principle. Usually they are awarded by a body that has observed you or your work favourably irrespective of what it is you do or who they represent.

Image result for Indian Uber for tractors

4. India has Uber, but for tractors.

I tried to get an Uber taxi in London this summer and think I would have been better off requesting a tractor.


Image result for fethullah gulen

5. School textbooks in Turkey must not contain geometry puzzles featuring the letters F and G - the initials of the out-of-favour cleric Fethullah Gulen.

Looks a nice old guy.

Image result for facial recognition database

6. Half of American adults are in a facial recognition database.

No mirrors at home?

Image result for aggressive driver

7. Aggressive drivers think driverless cars will be easier to bully.

Aggressive drivers think - really!


Image result for exeter city

8. An Exeter City supporter has bet £10 on his club to win 4-1 in every game they have played since April 2008, and believes he is around £600 up.

He reckons! Spending that amount of money I would know.


Image result for nuclear power plant in Alabama

9. Buying an unfinished nuclear power plant in Alabama would cost you at least $36.4m (£29.6m).

I'll have 2 please.

Image result for moonbows

10. Rainbows can also occur at night.



God Bless