Friday, 21 October 2016

Writing - Comics in Cumbria and more

When I speak of comics it is not the stand up funny men that I'm referring to but the paper variety.
As a child I enjoyed well known comics, The Beano, The Dandy and Hotspur, in particular; without ever considering what went into getting them out and through my letter box. Well now there is a three day festival in Cumbria celebrating the genre and this is its fourth year.

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The Lake District might not be the first place that springs to mind when you think about the world of comics and cartoonists. But some of the biggest names in graphic fiction descended on Kendal at the weekend for the Lakes International Comic Art Festival.

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I particularly liked the Hotspur in my early years as it had a touch more than the comic strip type comic book. There were stories about soccer, ghosts and the second world war, which covered two or three pages and so required a higher level of concentration. Now of course we have the Marvel type films which are a spin off from those early comics.

I suppose the Kendal festival has been spawned in part by the greater interest and burgeoning audiences for the films, but for whatever reason this seems to be a growth industry for writers artists and illustrators. More 'grist to the mill' as the saying goes. 

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As mentioned previously it is my belief that art and writing often go hand-in-hand which leads me to what is probably going to be my next project - Winston Woodlouse. At this stage it is intended for an audience of 1 - my grandson, but you never know. It will be told and illustrated by yours truly. Currently I'm practising the drawing aspect, have started the text of the story; but, I have to admit that I'm slightly panicking about the painting aspect.

The fact is when you're involved in writing it is rarely just one skill that you bring to the table.

God Bless