Thursday, 20 October 2016

Writing - Notes to Strangers

Came across the artist Andy Leek who is making a name for himself putting posters up in London with philosophical commentary.

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Andy Leek


So far in my advertising career I have worked in Amsterdam, Shanghai, Brussels and London for agencies such as DDB, Ogivly, M & C Saatchi, Havas, Lowe, Work Club, Huge and several more smaller ones.

My personal art work has been featured by Buzzfeed (x2), VICE(x2), The Huffington Post(x2), The Mail Online (x2), The Independent, London Live, The Metro (x2), Vice (x2), Cosmo, Marie Claire, Yahoo News, Bustle MSN News,, Design Taxi (x2), Creativity Online, Today and Tomorrow, Youtube's Homepage, HUH Magazine, Communication Arts, Walker Arts magazine and many more news and art organisations.

Recently Andy has been fly posting in London on various surfaces. He has also posted his Instagram link which is the title of this post.

Finish your

Above is the text of one of his posters which I can identify with. I check my Twitter followers daily and there are a significant number who use the words 'aspiring' and 'budding' when referring to their artistic ambitions. I agree with Andy and would say do it.

Dogs make

The above poster just made me smile as did the next,

Home is
not a place
it's a feeling.

Keep up the great work Andy.

Gallery visit

Yesterday I visited the Hepworth Modern Art Gallery in Wakefield. It is a distinctive building which my mother thought was awful and I must admit I'm not keen. Inside the place is Japanese in its simplicity and I must admit very comfortable to walk round.
The first exhibit you come across is absolutely beautiful and is by Henry Moore with the title Reclining Figure. It is carved from elm, highly polished and is the oldest wooden sculpture in the country.

Reclining Figure

The photograph doesn't do justice to the piece as it doesn't show the markings in the wood. The point is that as the first exhibit it is a stunner but I'm afraid my feelings towards modern art weren't significantly altered by what I came across.
I have been astounded over the years by what the Art Council gives grants for and The Hepworth has examples of objects purported to be art - 17 pebbles (17 pebbles); and,  tree stump (a tree stump!
There are artefacts that have been produced with great skill, I can appreciate that, and I can also appreciate the functionality of some of the artefacts like the desk below.

It is without doubt that an office adorned with desks, as above, would be a happier place to work. 

BUT please don't try and tell me that half a pickled cow or someone's filthy, messy bedroom is art!.

God Bless