Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Poetry 237 - Onsets

The meaning of the word 'onset' is the beginning of something, occasionally unpleasant. Well there is an element of the unpleasant in all of the poems I offer this week although it depends on personal points of view.

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Remember, remember the eighth of November,
for bombast Clinton and Trump,
I see the world as a glowing ember,
under either Clinton or Trump.
© David L Atkinson November 2016

Whatever you think of the above the delight of first snow is an acknowledgement that the natural world rules.

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First Snow

Deep and crisp and even,
the scene gladdens the eye,
morning could see a first leavin’
for folk travelling to work by.

Looking out from cozy homes,
crisp, whiteness issues no warning,
as it blurs outlines and alters forms,
with no hint of extremities freezing.

Probably short-lived this early,
a taster of more to come,
as winter deepens bitterly,
to which our world must succumb.
© David L Atkinson November 2016

Finally, an introduction to the forthcoming Christmas season.

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Christmas Prologue

There’s gentle stirring in a great house,
the time for work is near.
They stir as quietly as a mouse,
presaging the working atmosphere.

He can be heard clear as a bell,
spreading his energy for the tasks,
laughter peeling, telling all is well,
reassuring all that nothing lacks.

This year’s season full of promise,
approaches rapidly with winter’s chill,
the toy factory making gifts with polish,
all eager childish requests to fulfil.

Santa and elves performing in concert,
teasing minds from young to old,
with gifts, and surprise stocking insert,
of red, green, silver and gold.
© David L Atkinson November 2016

God Bless