Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Poetry Thursday 236 - S.O.S.

People have always been concerned about 'who they are'. When I was in my late teens in the sixties people tried to find themselves and indulged in the flower power, free love, ban the bomb era. In many ways those activities defined them. In later years and nowadays people take 'a year out' and travel, but in fact you have to be fairly fortunate to have some financial backing to be able to do that. A minority of folk work their way round the planet. In the past this was not financially possible.

At that time in my life the Moody Blues were producing some thoughtful poetry set to music - I think, therefore I am, I think. As a student my fellow students and I used to philosophise in similar ways and I recall one conversation about what of the world exists when you are alone in a room and can neither hear or see any one else.

I Am

I am
Even alone I am.
They can detect me
So I must be
But I am just me
Alone I know no-one else.
I cannot detect others.
But I feel that I exist,
the chair, the floor exist.
I am still here.
But who is out there?
I hear nothing.
Has everything outside stopped?
I still am.
© David L Atkinson November 2016

As I write we are in the midst of All Souls' Day. A day when we remember our dead. 

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All Souls

As the years continue to pass,
the known souls increase,
having gone to join the dead class,
and hope to rest in peace.

A list that will continue to grow,
of the familiar loved who have died,
is the only way for us to go,
no change, no matter what’s tried.

When we have reached our time,
and are called to face journey’s end,
no avoiding the pantomime,
so accept the inevitable trend.

Oh no you can’t
so face the judgement you deserve
oh no I can’t
did I have enough good in reserve?

It is of no consequence,
we have had our final chance,
go to the maker with confidence
and join the final dance.
© David L Atkinson November 2016

A slightly sombre note but life is not all a bed of roses.

God Bless