Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Poetry Thursday 238 - A momentary reality

The poetry this week is odd even if I do say so myself. It is an image of the way my mind was working at the time of writing. Fist of all I had been watching the BBC's Strictly Come Dancing.
Image result for good is not enough

Good is not enough

Sensational, outstanding, breathtaking, more
but never just good, it’s not enough.
Brilliant, stupendous, magnificent or,
good just not enough.

Over doing stuff is de rigueur,
no room for mediocre or average.
Exceptional performance, immense vigour,
but being good – all you can manage?

It has to stop, there is danger
in overblown, extravagant adjectives.
There’s only so far to adventure
in the realm of verbiage descriptive.
© David L Atkinson November 2016

Then there were the continual self-doubts.

What am I doing?

I’m sure that I’m doing no harm,
sketching, writing, painting, poetry,
encouraging the hidden artist to come out,
I don’t claim to be better at anything,
an enthusiast allowing the mind to go where it will.
Freeing feelings to feed ideas expressed visually or literally!
© David L Atkinson November 2016

Then there was the first advertisement for Christmas.

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Hey Mr. Santa

Hey Mr. Santa,
don’t forget to come,
I’ve done my best to be good,
through the year almost done.

Hey Mr. Santa,
forgive moments of weakness,
I sometimes err when attention slips,
not a failure of goodness.

Hey Mr. Santa,
I’m only humanly fallible,
the sins are quite small really,
nothing awfully terrible.

Hey Mr. Santa,
sorry for any mistakes,
I know you promise to make a drop,
A minute is all it takes.
© David L Atkinson November 2016

God Bless