Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Poetry Thursday 239 - Magic of Christmas

It will be Advent Sunday next weekend and before you know it he will have been and gone. So last night I began to ponder the magic of the season and these two pieces popped out.

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What Magic

Not the abracadabra sort,
or waving a stick of wood,
no making coins appear from naught.
Oh, if we only could.
No rabbits conjured from battered titfer,
or an endless chain of kerchiefs,
no sawing a young lady asunder,
or exacting audience cash tariffs.
This type comes from within,
linked to the seasonal reason,
it helps to motivate children,
to good behaviour preseason.
The fact is that the magic works,
for a significant part of the year,
the kindness and good behaviour irks,
but no one dares test its cheer.
© David L Atkinson November 2016

The word 'titfer' is from the rhyming slang 'titfer tat = hat'. 

The trouble is that the choice of 'Magic' as a subject threw up so many choices.

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They had been called to go back,
not the most convenient of times.
She, huge with child and energy did lack,
a donkey the only way to ease the climes.

It would take days on the rutted tracks,
to achieve the town he called home,
so that masters could calculate their tax,
and send it back to Rome.

An arid time with little comfort,
the chance of robber bands.
A tiring journey but he stayed alert,
to the dangers of these lands.

Eventually they arrived at the bustling town,
relieved at the thought of some rest,
but at every door received with a frown
when they made their desperate request.

In downcast state they took what’s available,
at an inn, annexe with a mucky floor,
nothing other than a lowly stable,
for beasts of the fields with beds of straw.

The baby was born in that poor place,
surrounded by people and animals,
the significant member of the human race,
meant to set our guiding principles.

No palace, servants, nurse or doctor,
to secure a Royal baby’s birthing,
a lack of comfort and no succour,
in the process of delivering the King.
© David L Atkinson November 2016

God Bless