Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Poetry Thursday 240 - Troubled mind and bodies

It was difficult considering what today's title would be and it could change yet. Perhaps that is an indication of a 'mixed bag'.

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All in the mind

It’s safer to look away
than see what’s in their eyes.
Better not to attend
than be seen at parties.
Don’t join in, keep away from crowds.
Safer than exposing inner prizes.

Don’t fall in love, though it’s difficult to avoid.
It won’t last anyway.
You keep trying cos’ you’re humanoid,
but it’s chipping away at your self.
Should have had a health warning
or pre-pubescent training.

Stick to your routine, no room for change,
there’s safety following the railway tracks.
A place for everything and everything in its place.
Some laugh at the obsessive compulsives,
but there is balm in repetition,
and security in safe havens.
© David L Atkinson November 2016

The above came from two films I've seen recently, one which featured an autistic central character and the second whose central character played his part in an autistic manner.

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Monday came as Monday does
to find poor David with runny nose,
hacking cough and explosives sneezing,
to accompany streaming eyes and muscles aching.

What’s the matter? You may ask.
No great test as a medical task,
just a virus, small and old,
that brings about the common cold.
© David L Atkinson November 2016

Just feeling sorry for myself!

The next can be sung to the traditional tune. (Tannenbaum)

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O Christmas Tree

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree,
how ubiquitous are your leaves.
O Christmas tree, pesky Christmas tree,
how widespread no one believes.
Not just in month of January,
but through to summer’s prime.
O Christmas tree, benighted Christmas tree,
they’re vacced up all the time.

O Christmas tree, bloody Christmas tree,
what pleasure did you bring us.
O Christmas tree, damned Christmas tree,
the clean up falls on one of us.
For every year that blasted tree,
brings to you all both joy and glee,
but Christmas tree, ruddy Christmas tree,
much endeavour do you bring me.

O Christmas tree, messy Christmas tree,
your odour pervades the whole house,
O Christmas tree, pungent Christmas tree,
your smell is making a seasonal grouse.
Each painful minute in my home,
your presence drives in thoughts of Rome.
O Christmas tree, blasted Christmas tree,
I’ll be glad to see the back of thee.
  © David L Atkinson November 2016

Just a bit of fun before we all become drawn in by the magic.

God Bless