Saturday, 12 November 2016

Writing - 10 things

Cosmic decisions.

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1. You can vote from space.

If you went to space why would you want to?


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2. People spend 1.3 years of their life on average deciding what to watch on television.

So some people spend time watching dogs chase their tales.


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3. The most common word in letters written by ordinary Americans to President Barack Obama is "help".

Always on the cadge.


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4. An average-sized condom should be able to hold 18 litres of air.

Has to be the most useless fact today.


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5. The budget for prison food in England and Wales is £2 per prisoner per day.

Similar to mine.


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6. Dogs might be genetically predisposed to be man's best friend.

Tell that to guard dogs.


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7. Most British tourists in the Spanish resort of Magaluf are on their first holiday without their families.



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8. Medical marijuana is legal in Florida - but it's also legal to sack someone from their job for using it.

That's a hard call.


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9. Women use the f-word more than men.

I wasn't brought up in a puritanical household but in an old-fashioned part of the world where ladies didn't swear in public and definitely not the 'f' word. It still isn't my favourite thing to hear girls swearing.


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10. The Chicago Cubs parade and rally after their baseball World Series victory may have been the seventh largest gathering in human history.



God Bless