Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Poetry Thursday 241 - Strange creatures

A slightly obtuse view of three Christmas traditions.

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White, diaphanous and the epitome of good,
representing the best of heaven and earth.
Is there another nature to choose if they could,
that may besmirch their perceived worth?

With halos, wings and glowing all round goodness,
reputations saintly and acts divine,
would it refresh to see a little humanness,
signs of fallibility from time to time?

But then we would have to change their title,
to something less complimentary,
we would miss their interventions vital,
in the daily running of our society.
© David L Atkinson December 2016

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Teachers may have a different view,
on the frequency of demons.
Having taught quite a few,
I can understand their reasons.

The depths to which the young may sink,
would surprise their parents at home,
they’ve learned to take actions to the brink,
of all accepted norms.

But then most change allowing goodness to shine,
astounding those who care,
particularly around the Christmas time,
when all demons need to share.
© David L Atkinson December 2016

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Small in stature but with diligence,
they strive every day to complete many tasks,
of great variety and requiring intelligence,
for the benefit of those who ask.

Going about their work pointed ears twitching,
applying skills as needed to all situations,
they feverishly produce their makings,
fulfilling the Christmas anticipation.

When it’s over no one notices,
it gives the Elves time to rest.
Do they spend time sharpening practices,
so that next year will be their best?
© David L Atkinson December 2016

A collection of poems which are intensely dissatisfying.

God Bless