Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Poetry Thursday 244 - Post Christmas

So the day has gone and the aftermath is upon us. I hope you all had a wonderful day and received all that you desired. My day was perfect.

Christmas Day

When the big day dawned, after he’d been,
the lounge floor was a proper scene,
carpet covered with cars of every hue,
it would be fair to say more than a few.
The colourful wrapping paper mountain,
waxed and waned like a glittering fountain,
the little one sat amongst the colourful mess,
a mite confused by the pulsating largesse.

Then there were the visitors big and noisy,
smiling their generosity at the just past baby,
large feet kicking the toys as they entered,
carrying drinks that were mostly fermented,
big voices demanding some response,
from the infant recipient – please just once.
Mum and Dad understand and where needed intervene,
avoiding a misunderstood unhappy scene.

Soon it is time for food to be served
although sweets and crisps have been nibbled.
The laden table is almost groaning
under dishes full to overflowing.
Little one secured in the high chair,
doesn’t eat but his eyes stare,
at the vegetables, meat, sauces and pudding,
the gingerbread house he is targeting.

A successful day had by all,
presents received well by great and small,
No tears or toy breaks to mar the day,
for the hosts - successful in every way,
A thought spared for the significant child,
that caused the day celebrated worldwide,
the special bonus acquired additionally,
a loving atmosphere for friends and family.
©David L Atkinson December 2016

God Bless