Monday, 19 December 2016

Tuesday Food Blog - Christmas fayre

As the big day is less than a week away I thought that I'd post about comfort food.

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Christmas meal

In the north east of the UK it would be called dinner and be eaten early afternoon - dinnertime. My parents didn't like turkey so we had chicken and pork. The trimmings were as expected, roast and mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts, Yorkshire pudding, stuffing, apple sauce and gravy. Pudding was the Christmas variety but served with custard.

In the above there are regional peculiarities such as the Yorkshire puddings and I'm sure that is the case around the world. The point is to make it special for the family with the best ingredients. Of course there are other things to embellish the table - mince pies, christmas cake, with stilton cheese and so on.

It is all rather rich, a positive food fest and this year I am the guest of my daughter and her family which means for the first time in a lot of years I have no responsibility for producing a meal on the 25th December.

As it was the weekend before Christmas I decided on comfort food.


I have always enjoyed Italian cooking so I made a lasagne on Saturday. There are no tricks or extras just quality beef and red Leicester cheese for the sauce. I always find that the dish tastes better the following day.

Have a great Christmas!