Monday, 12 December 2016

Tuesday Food Blog - Roast with differences

It is probably the case that I have mentioned enjoying pork on many occasions but it doesn't offer much in the way of variety.

So as a reader what could you possibly gain from this post?
Well I hope that there is something in the trimmings that comes with roast pork that you find worthy of consideration.

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The meat

I roasted it in a moderate oven for a while but covered with rashers of streaky bacon and sitting on a bed of sliced dessert apple and onion rings and surrounded with chunks of potato.
Sometimes pork can be a little dry and the apple and onion go well with meat juices. When the meat is cooked remove it and the potatoes from the roasting tin and use the meat juices, onions and apple as a base for a rich gravy.

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The vegetables

I roasted potatoes round the meat basting periodically but also roasted carrot and parsnip. The batons of veg I dusted with paprika and garlic and used olive oil in which to cook.

The mash was a new departure for me in that it was swede and sweet potato, boiled until tender then mashed with butter, salt and pepper.

I have swede and parsnip left over which will possibly make an interesting mash topping for cottage pie. Gone are the days of just mashed potato.

God Bless