Saturday, 3 December 2016

Writing - 10 more things

Everything from the real to the unreal.

Image result for faux cast of Friends

1. TV comedy Friends sometimes used stand-ins for its main cast members who looked nothing like them.

And I am bothered because ....

Image result for fidel castro 2016

2. Fidel Castro's obituary cost the New York Times more man and woman hours over the years than any other article in the newspaper's history.

What's the betting that it still isn't right?

Image result for plastic £5

3. The new Bank of England £5 note is not suitable for vegetarians.

Won't be that good for omnivores either.

Image result for nickelback

4. If you drink and drive in Canada, your punishment might include being made to listen to Nickelback.

There are worse punishments.

Image result for only 1 alive born in 19th century

5. There is only one person alive today who was born in the 19th Century.

Bless her.

Image result for glasses for astronauts

6. Many astronauts need glasses after they return to Earth - and now scientists think they know why.

Short sightedness?

Image result for Libor

7. London's benchmark interest rate, Libor, was invented by a Greek banker arranging a loan for Iran.


Image result for industrial spillage winter

8. Industrial spills may be more dangerous in cold weather.

Depends - if it is salt perhaps not.

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9. The most historically accurate recent Oscar contender is Selma and the least is The Imitation Game.

Of the two the latter is the better film.

Image result for scorpion manicures

10. Scorpion manicures are a thing in Mexico.



God Bless