Thursday, 29 December 2016

Writing - Things sent to try us

I don't want to make this blog to be all about me today but it was inspired by two stressful situations at opposite ends of the spectrum.

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Debbie Reynolds (84), Carrie Fisher (60) RIP

There is a saying that 'parents shouldn't have to bury their children' and the deaths of Carrie Fisher and a day later her mother, Debbie Reynolds, is evidence of the stress that a person is put under in such situations. My thoughts go out to Todd Fisher and the rest of the family.

Children are sometimes described as the fruits of our loins and Christmas is a time set aside for children, but there is something in the saying. The children we bring into the world are the vehicle for the future in the way in which they develop the culture to which they have become a part. One just needs to think about the life of a babyboomer and children born since 2000. There was something much quieter and slower than these days and I think we had it better.
Enough nostalgia!
As with all youngsters they are undoubtedly sent to try our patience but that is far outweighed by the rewards they bestow.

Carrie Fisher was a successful writer (Postcards from the Edge and Wishful Drinking) and screen writer and was often ready with a merry quip,

'I act like someone in a bomb shelter trying to raise everyone's spirits'
RIP to the two ladies.

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Louise Dear - artist

Celebrity is another thing that is sent to try me, not that I am or will ever be one. It is just annoying that you can be labelled as such for all sorts of nefarious reasons and totally at the whim of the media and some of the questionable characters therein. Louise Dear is an artist, popular with people in the music scene such as Elton John, but she was described on the BBC website as Celebrity artist.
I'd be disappointed if she would prefer the celebrity handle rather than the artist title.

If you consider the references made to anyone as 'celebrity' it is almost like an honorary title bestowed by the Queen and as such a reward, but the signifier for the awards come after the name.

There are numerous celebrities who have written, or more accurately had ghost written, biographies. It would be wrong to describe them as celebrity writers. They may have gained their celebrity via sport, films or something else but they aren't writers!

Rant over!

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I may or may not write before 2017 so a Happy New Year to both (all) my readers.

God Bless