Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Writing - Using the physical

How do you answer the question - where do stories come from?
Well the answer is that they can come from all of these and more.

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Salt is a story by Maria Lloyd.

SALT is a dark tale of a girl growing up in a castle, with parents who are so fixed in their ways, that they are slowly crystallizing into salt figures.

As the girl gets older she is scared of suffering the same fate as her parents. Deep down, she knows that she has to find a way out so that she can make her own life choices.

The setting for the story is the UNESCO heritage site in Poland, Wieliczka, a salt mine with carved chapels deep underground.


The above is a photograph of the entrance to the salt mine. The carvings below ground are astonishing not only in detail but also for scale. One of the chapels has held full services and is as high as a cathedral.
Very inspiring.

At the current time there is the presidential election in the USA and if you consider the electoral system there is undoubted connection back to the events of 9/11. There is the involvement of the security agencies, unexplained and precipitate actions by the US Government and a failure of security agencies to communicate knowledge with each other. Many of the same people are probably still in post 15 years later. So read 7 Hours After and allow your mind to wander freely and decide what is fact and what is fiction.


Patrick Steele is off crusading once again with his sidekick, fiancée Naomi Kobayashi. This time he is risking life and limb by returning to the hostile shores of the USA. He has had brushes with the authorities in that vast country on previous occasions, but now has been stimulated to return because of apparent dodgy dealings over the World Trade Centre disaster of September 11th 2001.
After discovering numerous ‘theories’ concerning 9/11 and who was behind it, Steele identifies possible links between large corporations with financial interests and political parties. In a presidential election year he is concerned that those vying for that prodigious post may have links with the disaster.
Has Steele discovered underhand dealing by the US security services? 
Did one of the major political parties have a hand in the destruction of 9/11?
Will Steele be caught by the CIA or can he escape back to the safety of the UK?

What was Building 7?

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