Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Poetry Thursday 247 - Different views

Having enjoyed the alternative views of the world for various writers in the past, plus the words of songwriters unafraid to query the normal views of the world, I was stimulated to write these three poems this week.

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Who is watching

Big brother is probably watching
all we do, say, think and write,
wherever we are or whatever we’re doing,
eyes follow us day and night.

Eric knew many years ago,
when he considered direction of our lives,
Aldous knew in his new world also
both speculated on who survives.

What if there is no privacy?
What if it’s already too late?
What if eyes and ears are a legacy
of the world from a previous state?
©David L Atkinson January 2017

No great surprise to make reference to George Orwell (Eric) and Aldous Huxley in this subject area.

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Two Places

Is it good to sit in the rain
sipping on freezing cold lager,
in the heat by a deep blue pool,
outside a pavement café.

Or to tour the V and A Museum,
in Mexico City with a view
over San Francisco Bay aquarium,
for a change to something new.

To stroll through the African ghetto
seeing the sights of downtown Seoul,
with the tunes of an old libretto,
played on an Icelandic upturned bowl.

No limits to minds connected,
across the beauty of the Earth,
as to boundaries – all rejected,
brings the people added worth.
©David L Atkinson January 2017

The inspiration for this was a TV show about connected minds - telepathically - which I find intriguing. Rather like dreaming but with control and purpose.

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It’s not what we know of each other,
that makes for great relations,
or what we share together,
that binds together nations.

Often said that sharing intelligence,
joins bodies in mutual trust,
but that’s not the abundance,
of which the union had discussed.

Far from areas of commonality,
that provide the adhesive benefits,
more the level of confidentiality,
and the nature of the secrets.
©David L Atkinson January 2017

This poem's subject, secrets, fascinates me. I heard the comment 'it isn't what we know that is attractive but the secrets we don't know'!

God Bless