Saturday, 28 January 2017

Writing - Venture Galleries showcase +10 things

My good friends at Venture Galleries are showcasing 7 Hours After on their pages.


Lots about life and death this week.

Image result for british boys pocket money

1. British boys receive £2.20 more pocket money per week than girls.

So they should - they spend it on the girls anyway.


Image result for give birth while napping

2. You can give birth while napping.

Painless then.


Image result for icelandic murders

3. An average of 1.8 people are murdered each year in Iceland.

Rough on the 0.2


Image result for MI 6's Q is female

4. MI6's real-life "Q" is a woman.

God love us.


Image result for otter size of a wolf

5. An otter the size of a wolf once roamed China.



Image result for wind was pushing me

6. "The wind was pushing me" is not an excuse that will get you off a speeding charge in Western Australia.

Nor should it - it displays a lack of imagination.


Image result for john daniel gorilla

7. A gorilla named John Daniel was raised in an English village as a human boy, had his own bedroom and could do the washing up.

Up to the standards of all human males.

Image result for right and wrong

8. Travelling to a foreign country can change the way you think about right and wrong.

All down to the travel company you go with.


Image result for dogs like music

9. Dogs' preferred musical genres are reggae and soft rock.

How would anyone know - the dogs may be lying.


Image result for melbourne weather

10. Melbourne is typically 0.3C hotter on Thursdays and Friday mornings, when commuters pour into the city, than on Sundays.

Down to cars!


God Bless