Saturday, 7 January 2017

Writing - 10 things

Weird this week ranging from poo to pounds.

Image result for Monday's emails

1. Emails you send on Mondays contain more grammatical mistakes than those sent on other days.

Still rusty after the weekend.


Image result for haunted Swedish house

2. The Queen of Sweden thinks her palace is haunted by ghosts.



Image result for Apple store

3. You can use a display computer in an Apple store all day and no-one will ever ask you to leave.

An apple a day


Image result for soiled loo paper

4. Gary Lineker and Jonathan Agnew regularly receive soiled loo paper in the post.

That stinks


Image result for Yiwu to Barking

5. It's possible to travel by train all the way from Yiwu in eastern China to Barking in east London.

Who wants to go to Barking?

Image result for £1 coin stash

6. The British government thinks people have £433m of pound coins stashed away in their homes.

They need to think again


Image result for shot by a toddler

7. In the US, at least one person a week is shot by a toddler.

What can I say?


Image result for congress man not affiliated to religion

8. Only one member of the US Congress identifies as unaffiliated with any religion.

Thank God.


Image result for 79 organs in human body

9. There are 79 organs in the human body, one more than previously thought.

Which one?


Image result for chicken salt

10. The most popular condiment eaten with chips in Australia is chicken salt. Which contains no chicken.

I have so many questions


God Bless