Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Writing - Exciting moments

Why is it the middle of the night that inspirational moments occur? I had such a moment in the early hours of yesterday.

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Cop in trouble

Within the Steele novels there has been a police woman, DCI Kathryn Best, who has featured as a lover and a protagonist of our hero over the last seven or eight books. In the early hours I had this sudden thought that she could be in trouble and demand Patrick Steele's assistance. A second element that will be part of the story is the high level of surveillance that is now available to the authorities and villains alike. The thing that is missing is the actual reason why the lady cop is in dire straits to the point where she can't rely on her colleagues for support.


As always when I write there will only be a minimal plan but I do need that decision on the nature of the Detective Chief Inspector's difficulties.
The plan for the first chapter is where it always is - inside my head. As I am writing this I am seriously considering beginning the book this afternoon and as such feel quite excited. If I do it will be the first time I have begun a story without the slightest knowledge of where it is going. Having said that I have the old familiar buzz of excitement over beginning another book.


The fate of Flight MH370 was once again in the news today. The search in the southern Indian Ocean has been terminated. It fits with my theory that the plane crashed or was brought down north-east of the Maldives.


Steele has to travel back to Japan to justify recent behaviours that may have revealed his connection with the Gurentai. He is given a task to complete that finds him on the ill-fated Flight MH370 in Kuala Lumpur. Hours later he awakens in a cell in a place and country of which he has no knowledge. 
Being the resourceful man he is, Steele manages to escape and travels north meeting up with his fiancĂ©e Naomi Kobayashi in Astana the capital of Kazakhstan. 
Steele is naturally curious about the fate of the other 238 passengers from the plane which drives him onward to investigate further. He discovers that there are links between Russian organised crime and a Muslim group which stirs fears in his mind regarding the fate of MH370. This causes him to go to the Venice of the North, St Petersburg, where he finds the leader of the Russian mafia and a link with the Muslim pilots of the plane. 
All does not go well however, and Steele and Kobayashi are captured by their mafia enemy and incarcerated in MH370 on the way to the target that Steele suspected all along - in London.
Can Steele extricate himself from this seemingly hopeless situation? 
Has Steele convinced the Gurentai that he is trustworthy enough to deserve their support?
Will Steele manage to deflect the missile in which he is incarcerated from killing thousands in London?
This story is a speculative journey based upon the data and misinformation surrounding the loss of Malaysian Flight 370 in March 2014.

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