Friday, 27 January 2017

Writing - Setting and location

So you have your pen poised above the empty piece of paper, you may have created a plan, but have you decided the places your story is going to visit?

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With all of my novels I have written from where I'm at, as the advice goes. The Steele novels are rooted in Mirfield with excursions to the north east of England and various foreign trips that I have taken in the past. 

Why did I do that?

In short two reasons. If you have visited a place you can write about atmosphere. It is easier to write about a real place that you have visited.
This is the point at which those files of photographs come in handy as they can inspire moments in your story.

In my fourth Steele novel, A Changed Reality, I actually began writing one story and ended up completing another which was the driving force behind the title!


Patrick A Steele has discovered an injustice which involves organised crime and kidnapping for the sex trade and he applies his unique skillset to disrupt the evil group behind these heinous atrocities. This fourth Steele novel continues the association of our hero with the Japanese Gurentai one of whom he is becoming increasingly romantically attached to - but is it reciprocated? When weekend rioting seems to be driven by some hidden force Patrick and his confederates travel in the UK and eastern Europe in an effort to overcome the activities of an evil crime lord and his hired assassin.

You will notice in the brief synopsis a reference to romance. I hope it was a tempter.

God Bless