Thursday, 19 January 2017

Writing - Significant days

Lives are often marked by significant days. Births, deaths and marriages to name but a few. Then there are graduation days, accident days and prizewinning days. Tomorrow is going to be a significant day for those in the USA but possibly for more of us around the world.

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Donald Trump

I have no strong feelings either way but as an outsider the man says some seemingly questionable things. From his and his family's point of view tomorrow will be a great day. It will be filled with anticipation, excitement, spectacle and happiness and from a purely human standpoint I wish the family well.

Of course, other than the days mentioned above, any day can end up being one of significance.

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I remember one Thursday in August 1968 when I received my GCE Advanced Level results and the emotion of failure is imprinted on my memory forever. It changed the course of my life significantly. If I had been successful I would have attended college in York whereas I ended up in Bradford where I met my first wife and the first two of my children were born. It is impossible to say what would have happened if I'd gone to York.

That is not to say that the initial failure didn't become a success. That is the nature of human beings. When things go wrong we have to accept that, move on and achieve what we are capable of from what may well be an unexpected position. When we create our stories then that is a situation that may well be useful.

In my third novel, The Biter Bit, one of Steele's team suffers a life changing event but it isn't all negative outcomes. 


Patrick A Steele, accountant turned vengeful Robin Hood, is off on his crusades once again. He has given himself a role that sees him trying to right the wrongs and inadequacies of the legal system in the UK. His experiences as a child and through higher education have equipped Patrick with abilities that realistically only has value in the field of rough justice. Steele has developed a working relationship with the Gurentai, a more benevolent sub-group of the Japanese Yakuza and, as a result of a number of successful associations, have furnished him with a Swiss bank account and a very healthy retainer. As a result Patrick is building his own little empire. Everything seems fine in his life until he is drawn into trying to solve the problem of lawless youths that are targeting tourists in the City of York. He enlists the help of his two colleagues from Japan, Takuo Sumisu and Naomi Kobayashi, and with one of his own staff they head off to identify and eradicate the source of the problem. All is proceeding as planned until there is a knifing and one of the team is shot! The action then migrates across France and eventually to Le Marche in eastern Italy where it seems to have been brought to a conclusion until the team return home!

God Bless