Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Writing - Women who draw

The title of this blog is a direct lift from a BBC article highlighting the drawing talents of a number of female artists and illustrators and reminded me of the influence art has on all of those who may dabble in one aspect.

Women who draw

A website designed to showcase the work of female illustrators and promote diversity has got off to a flying start, after receiving submissions from around the world.
The Women Who Draw website, which had its "soft launch" in December, crashed under the weight of more than six million page views in its first three days, according to its US founders, Wendy MacNaughton and Julia Rothman.
The site's mission statement is to "increase the visibility of female illustrators, female illustrators of colour, LBTQ+, and other minority groups".
On Monday, it is relaunching, backed by a new server and showcasing 700 new members, whose work organisers have collated within three weeks.
They also have more than 300 artists on the waiting list.

A great innovation and surely calls for a similar site for men. Having said that one has to remember one of the countries favourite authors.

Image result for beatrix potter drawings
Beatrix Potter

Beatrix Potter not only wrote the words AND drew the pictures in her books, but then finally had to self-publish because none of the establishment publishers would touch her books. What a talented lady.

Drawing is one of the activities I engage in to relax and currently I'm into faces.

As an author that is hardly surprising as one's characters need the third dimension of the expression on faces. Experimenting with those expressions can produce some interesting results.

I used the theme of Christmas to produce some disturbing expressions. The one above is worrying!

Finally, a benign face but is it any less worrying than that on the bell?

God Bless