Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Poetry Thursday 249 - Loneliness and Running

The sources of inspiration are different by a few degrees. Family and TV! There are links if you read hard enough!!!

The first poem stems from a line, the first of each verse, which was used in advertising a fun run to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. As an ex-northern runner myself I have sharp memories of running the roads around Bradford in sleet, rain and icy conditions. It was rarely too hot!

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Northern jogging

It’s tough running in the north,
amid the dark satanic mills,
arms pumping for all you’re worth,
up and down the rejoicing hills.

It’s tough running in the north,
through driving rain and drifting snow,
you may question ‘why on earth?’
is there nowhere else to go?

It’s tough running in the north,
pounding potholed roads on aching feet,
unlike the rolling hills in the south,
and the flat plains of the east.

It’s tough running in the north,
balancing kit between freezing and sweating,
what’s the ideal gear for muscle warmth,
against the handicap of too much weighting?

It’s tough running in the north,
but compelling once you start,
moorland views beckon you forth,
and reward with gladness of heart.
©David L Atkinson February 2017

This second poem comes from a series the BBC are doing on loneliness in all ages. Obviously as an older man that is my perspective.

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Loneliness is …

Listening to deafening silences
when night has fallen fast
even with loving family,
all alone with your past.

Walking through a crowded mall
on a busy shopping day,
jostled and hustled by people
as you continue on your way.

Attending a celebration,
listening to joyful chatter,
but contribution not required,
old thoughts no longer matter.

Being in a social group
of chatting, laughing friends,
but with little to look forward to
when the evening ends.

A balancing of time,
for thinking as a solitary one,
not a period of sadness,
but the need to be alone.
©David L Atkinson February 2017

God Bless