Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Poetry Thursday 250 - Can't fight fate

I was watching the breakfast TV programme the other day and there was yet another food scare item. You know the style - if you eat such and such you will get cancer or heart disease or dementia. I reckon that over my life I have heard something about all edibles the world has ever produced.
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Can’t Fight Fate

What will be will be,
a vague view of the future,
that all of us may see,
some are not too worried.

Age focuses the concentration,
or how life is run,
time is not infinite for the population,
and so mantras are sort.

Old wives’ tales with quirky advice,
were the mantras of the past,
today people latch on to anything nice,
or even unpleasant, for a longer life.

The bottom line we’ll experience the ‘d’ word,
all the tricks, behaviours and vitamins won’t stop it.
Some media obsessions are absurd,
make peace with God and accept it.
©David L Atkinson February 2017

There is a fad for cooking everything with coconut oil. Today it was featured on a programme entitled Food Scares. Turns out that it is higher in saturated fats than either butter or lard.

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Hairy, brown and tough,

the outer covering coarse and rough.

Grown on trees in sunnier climes,

a symbol of sun, sea and luxurious times.

Found in many different guises,

dessicated, milk, oil and flesh are prizes.

 A wealth of nourishment from this kernel,

satisfying human cravings internal.

But be warned the prizes are hard won,

as this nut will fight till you are done.
©David L Atkinson February 2017

God Bless