Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Poetry Thursday 252 - In my head there are many rooms

Being a person who has explored the inner workings of the human mind there are aspects that we have no right to access. Yet certain branches of psychology and philosophy still endeavour to dissect and classify what occurs behind the windows to our souls.

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The spaces in the mind with their doors,
organised according to sets and floors,
impinged on by everyday situations,
responding to external stimulations.

Sometimes the doors are locked,
access by outsiders is blocked,
not always wise to let outsiders in,
and even close ones at times sin.

Some days everything is accessible,
false confidence may be responsible.
The risks of damage are unknown,
but with time fear has grown.

Rooms and spaces are sanctuary,
their care is for the solitary
resident of the chambers and halls
to maintain security walls.

So if you are permitted entry,
respect the rule and boundary,
then it may be that once again,
permission for repeat will pertain.

You may access only one chamber,
be grateful to the advancer,
enjoy the limited experience,
don’t push for greater clearance.

Access is by permission only,
you may assess they’re lonely,
but not an area for your interest,
unless at the owner’s request.
©David L Atkinson February 2017

When a poem is written then comes the time to reflect on how it works. This one needs some polish and is a little repetitive but then it is what poetry is - an emotional response. Emotions do not come out in an ordered fashion.

God Bless