Thursday, 9 February 2017

Writing - Horses for courses

Below there are two pieces of information for the same Steele novel, Castled, both written by me but for different audiences. One of the pieces of advice I have taken is to have an author's file that contains biographical material and synopses. It is not my favourite exercise but as an author you are often asked to reproduce both.

The Author

Inevitably, as an author, one joins a number of groups and this is one area where biography and synopses need to be shared and therefore kept up-to-date. However, that is not the only task that you need to tinker with every time you produce something new. Also the synopses you write for your stories may well differ depending upon your audience and so you have the examples below.

For Amazon
Patrick Steele is placed in a position unfamiliar to him when his own personal space is burgled. The consequences are extensive at a personal level and to his property. The ghost of a previous operation drives Steele to take measures to retrieve the artefacts stolen from him and to avenge the death of a member of his team. He is handed a possible solution but then there arises a threat to his identity which he must keep hidden at all costs. The question is how high is the price that is paid to remain elusive?


(For Steele readers)
While holidaying in France with fiancé Naomi Kobayashi, Steele receives the news that his home has been burgled and one of the team is seriously ill. He returns to the UK to find a close member of his group has died and antiques have been stolen, he sets out on a course of revenge that takes him to Italy and as far afield as Cairo, Egypt.
While in the Egyptian capital he is confronted by a former adversary, the CIA, and decides to disappear. On his return to the UK he discovers that not all policemen can be trusted and once again his position as a free agent is under threat. 

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