Friday, 3 February 2017

Writing - Inceptus - a starting point

When I was thinking about a title for the fifth Steele novel my mind was forever turning back to the starting point for Patrick Steele and so it was no surprise that I eventually landed on Inceptus.

The title is hardly surprising as inception means starting point. In Latin Inceptus is the past participle of the Latin verb incipio which means begin. In a sense although this is the fifth Steele book it is the beginning of his life re-described in more detail because I wanted him to be real. There was some credibility in my aim given by the following customer review.

5.0 out of 5 stars A real, human spy, in action on three continents 29 July 2013
By Gisela Hausmann Published on
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Of course I was a big fan of Ian Fleming and Mickey Spillane but it has been some time since I picked up a spy novel. Starting anew with David Atkinson's "Inceptus" was a phenomenal idea. Out and over are the `glorious' days, when spies sat around and sipped martinis in casinos; nobody really believes that anymore, the Great Recession has rolled over us. The more pleasant it is to find a spy novel, which references to the real word and takes it into account.

"Since the world economic crash and the mismanagement of the Tory/ Libdem coalition government in recent years, most westernised countries had suffered considerable down turns in the standards of behaviour and mutual respect that had already been quite flimsy."

Though I somehow miss men standing in phone booths, with raised collars, most often in rainy weather, I so very much appreciated that Atkinson's spies are real people; equipped with guns, and schooled in Ki-Aikido defense technique, but nonetheless real.

When I wrote the fifth Steele novel, Inceptus, it was my intention to delve deeper into the history behind Patrick Steele and share that with the readership as well as continuing his adventures.
This book was a step forward for me as I felt that my storytelling skills were developing and I enjoyed the process immensely.

In this the 5th Steele novel Patrick tackles the person who has been surreptitiously dogging his footsteps over a number of his adventures. This is not without risk and the focus of his love, Naomi Kobayashi, disappears which seriously affects his ability to function as well as he can. We also find out more about the man himself.
The adventure takes him to Eire, France, the USA before he returns to resolve the issue in the UK.
Will Patrick finally rid himself of a deadly enemy?
Can our hero rescue his love or is it already too late?
Another Patrick Steele adventure filled with tension and action as well as the support provided by the team he has developed over the years.

So if you want to read the Steele novels without starting them from the beginning Inceptus is the one to sample.

From the aspect of avoiding writing to a formula I have tended to adapt the Steele team to match the story that triggered my imagination. So you have a story about child abduction, one about the loss of Malaysian flight MH370, the demise of building 7 on 9/11 and the new one which involves the role of surveillance in modern day society.

God Bless