Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Writing - Libraries

As an author I worship at libraries and bookshops as well as church. Well I have found some interesting facts about the holiest of places, the library.

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There are some fantastic places from which to go and borrow books and some strange behaviours in the places.

100 - Slightly Less Ancient History

The Ancient Library of Alexandria, which attempted to collect all the world’s knowledge in one single place. Until it was burnt to the ground by Julius Caesar ‘for a laugh’.

300 - Clerical

Perhaps the first librarian was a monk named Anastasias, chief archivist of the Church of Rome in the 9th Century, who took the title of Bibliothecarius, which literally translates as ‘librarian’

Image result for fantastic library Ephesus

400 - Non Fiction

During Georgian times, British librarians took against novels, which they considered to be too titillating and morally dubious for the common man, and attempted to get them banned from the shelves. 

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British library

500 - Large Things

The British Library is currently the second largest library in the world, with bitter rival The Library of Congress holding onto the top spot. Though many at the British Library believe their American counterparts might well be ‘padding’ the size of their collection 

510 - Crime

The book that is most often stolen from libraries is the Guinness Book of Records - presumably as people want to look up which book is most stolen from libraries.

700 - Stories

The highest library in the world is located on the 60th floor of the JW Marriott Hotel in Shanghai, China.

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George Washington

800 - Local Government

In 1789, US President George Washington borrowed The Law of Nations from The New York Society Library and hung onto it for the next 221 years. It was finally returned to the library in 2010.

God Bless