Thursday, 16 February 2017

Writing - Speculation

If an author doesn't speculate in their writing what do they do? Some go the whole hog and leap into the future empathising with people and creatures of coming centuries others hesitantly dip their toes into the realms of possibilities.

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I had to become an author to come across the term 'dystopian'. In reality I had completed my fifth novel, Cessation, and was trying to classify it when I realised it fitted the description.

If you write about what may happen in the future or create futuristic artefacts, views or ideas then you may not be writing science fiction or a dystopian piece but you are creating something new and fit the description author.

Cessation, was this author responding to a political situation generated by assurances from a corporate backed conservative government regarding electricity supplies, and opposed by Green Party and national newspapers, who were fretting about the possibility of winter blackouts. The idea of a world without electricity would leave us all in a considerable mess. Just consider how many daily functions are computerised!

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The story is a speculative journey into a possible future that may lie ahead of us all. There is evidence that such a future may not be impossible. We have been warned that unless we increase the ability to produce electricity there could be power cuts in the next ten years. Our modern day lives are permeated through with the need for electricity and its production.
Although Cessation could be categorised as a dystopian story I find that rather a negative word and the purpose of writing the tale is to allow elements of hope in a seemingly desperate situation.
The story begins in 2023 a couple of years after the lights go out for the last time. Our group of survivors are thrown together on a farm in the low Pennines north of the M62 motorway and within striking distance of a number of northern towns which could prove useful for supplies. Initially the group is small and live on a farm called Serendipity but as time passes the size of the group waxes and wanes for a variety of reasons.

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