Friday, 10 February 2017

Writing - Why do I choose this style?

The question that forms the title of this blog is something I have never been asked. I have been asked what my style is but not why I chose this genre. There is a fairly simple answer and that is to entertain.

As a reader I have spent my whole life reading to enjoy the experience. There have been times when I have needed to read to become better educated but that is something everyone is required to do in some measure. Books produced for education tend not to be entertaining and so less enjoyable, some would say they have a higher function. However, fiction can be something of both, along with social commentary, but they also need to entertain. 
Many writers, Charles Dickens and George Orwell to name but two, had strong social consciences and that was reflected in their wonderful stories.

So the Steele stories are entertainment with some social reflection whereas Cessation, the dystopian novel, was a response to a political situation that is still ongoing.

Next week I will bring Cessation into focus.


(For Steele readers)
While holidaying in France with fiancé Naomi Kobayashi, Steele receives the news that his home has been burgled and one of the team is seriously ill. He returns to the UK to find a close member of his group has died and antiques have been stolen, he sets out on a course of revenge that takes him to Italy and as far afield as Cairo, Egypt.
While in the Egyptian capital he is confronted by a former adversary, the CIA, and decides to disappear. On his return to the UK he discovers that not all policemen can be trusted and once again his position as a free agent is under threat. 

God Bless