Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Poetry Thursday 254 - Time to think

In life human beings always seem to need some time out. Students have their 'gap' year for example although when I was a student we couldn't afford such luxuries. The bottom line is that periodically we humans need to stop and assess our position in the world.


Why do we choose to be alone
in places where solitude is easy?
Given time to consider and perhaps bemoan,
our existence more academically.

It is not new but human nature,
wanting time to look at the meaning of life,
to take the opportunity to acquire
the facts, and assess our levels of strife.

There’s a reassurance knowing you can return
to the status quo when your time is up,
given the opportunity to discern,
next steps for you to develop.
©David L Atkinson March 2017

Then there is the need for trust in our lives and that is sometimes only derived from the innocence of a pet. Dog's are my personal favourite and the trust they give you emanates from their eyes. We see that in very young children but as soon as the ability to deceive is acquired that trust seems to go into hiding.

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Dog’s Trust

They gaze into your soul with trusting eyes,
wag their tails at the smallest prize,
always willing to give of their love,
to those with hearts as gentle as a dove.

No actions surreptitiously planned,
to sink sharp teeth into feeding hand.
No hidden agenda or attitude sly,
from these God’s children with gentle eyes.

If perhaps we were more like them,
human beings less willing to condemn,
the world of mistrust would decrease,
giving the opportunity to live in peace.
©David L Atkinson March 2017

Finally, a tongue in cheek haiku aimed at the oversensitive and unrealistic individuals in our society. Don't get me wrong I have always believed that women are in charge and then men spend their time trying to exclude them. The biggest crime in the UK against women, currently being perpetrated by a female Prime Minister, is the increasing pension age which is seeing so many of the ladies born 1955 and later financially disadvantaged.

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International Women’s Day

Why do they need one
when they have all anyway?
Men in servitude.
©David L Atkinson March 2017

God Bless