Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Poetry Thursday 255 - Spring to Life

The season has had an influence on this weeks writings. But beware of false dawns. 

Ne'er cast a clowt till may is out!

The first poem is slightly more serious in that it is an exhortation to beware of wanting too much too quickly.

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Is this the real life?

Well what can you expect?
The best laid plans of mice.
Things don’t go, even without neglect,
as one would like, to be nice.

But what can you do?
Only one course – grin and bear,
the arrows thrown at you,
then carry on and don’t much care.

Then possess your soul.
Things will turn out for the best,
or be okay, on the whole.
Just let time pass and take your rest.

One day when you open your eye,
you will feel the wind of change,
lights of hope will appear in the sky,
and good things come into range.
©David L Atkinson March 2017

There are arguments to be made for the sayings of sages and old 

wives about possessing your soul in patience and as I have aged I 

can see the reasoning.

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Bright ladybird
flies out when warm,
tells of the summer
yet to come.

We shiver in late spring’s chill,
wonder at the bold insect,
appearing at a hint he will,
should show spring more respect.

His creatures are not ready yet,
he cannot farm his food,
too early, too cold and too wet,
back to sleep would be good.
©David L Atkinson March 2017

As I enjoy the natural world seeing a ladybird in early March is significant. It reminded me of the saying about casting off winter clothing before may is out. In this case the saying refers to the may flower and not the month.

God Bless