Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Writing - Be informative

As someone who has been involved in education his whole life I find the research element of writing to be stimulating. The discovery of new knowledge, to me, is quite exciting and I have great pleasure in sharing that information.

As well as having written 11 novel I also produce poetry by the ton. Usually that's in the hope that some of the work is good - quantity not quality! The collection featured below is a marriage of poetry inspired by traumatic times in my life while at the same time hopefully educating the reader and so encouraging others to write poetry themselves.


This collection of poetry is both varied in style as well as content. The author has provided the reader with informative explanations of the origin and design of the different types in which he has written. Some of the subject matter is quite dark but very thought provoking as a result, and other poems are as up-to-date as they could possibly be. Entering into the pages of this work will cause the reader to examine their own soul.

Within the shiny covers of this book you will find educational information about a variety of styles of poetry as I am continually frustrated by media descriptions of certain types such as haiku. Haiku is not simply a 17 syllable poem written in three lines of 5 - 7 - 5 construction. The Japanese masters who created this form added other conditions which can be read in this slim volume.

As with all poetry much of the content is personal and I ask that you read it with that fact in mind.

God Bless