Friday, 24 March 2017

Writing - Do we need to know any of the facts?

In looking at the facts in a story and using them to write a new view of events one could ask why bother? We are in the realms of creative writing. We could use nothing of the real details and create a new scenario but in fact using the real events and what comes with them can provide the writer with a ready made audience.

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There is some attraction in a story which turns convention on its head. It is purely a matter of choice but the idea that I subscribe to is that if you get the level of veracity correct there will be enough natural curiosity in people to encourage them to make them want to read the stories in this genre. 

My novels, Flight into Secrecy and 7 Hours After, are written from the conspiracy theorist standpoint because even today not all the facts are known. It allows theories to develop.

Flight into Secrecy

7 Hours After

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